Auto Accidents in the U.S. Attributed Mostly to Negligent Drivers

I came across a disturbing statistic recently in an article. Do you know how many people die as a result of automobile accidents in our country every day?

When you consider the fact that most auto accidents are attributable to the negligence of somebody, would it shock you to learn that about 110 people per day are killed on our roadways? What must be done to limit these tragedies? This does not even count the much higher number of people who suffer severe and debilitating injuries as a result of auto accidents in Phoenix every single day on our roadways.

Arizona auto accident lawyers do not just help one individual receive compensation for everything they have been through. Even in the case of wrongful death in Arizona, lawyers help families that come to them receive not just money, not just piece of mind, but some justice.

More importantly, car accident lawyers help save lives. If people understood that by being negligent on the roadway, they were not just risking some general feeling of “guilt” by taking the life of an innocent person, but that they had their own financial interest at stake, perhaps we could minimize the number of tragedies that happen every single day.

For those that criticize personal injury attorneys in Arizona, for those that think that car accident lawsuits have no benefit, consider the fact that 110 people die every single day, and almost all of those lives could be saved were it not for the negligent driving of somebody else. Whatever can be done to reduce the amount of negligence and recklessness on our roadways must be done.

Victims that bring Arizona personal injury lawsuits do not only benefit themselves, but in some way they probably deter even further severe injuries on our roadways.

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