Car Accident Injuries Most Common Cause of Head Trauma That Leads to Vision Loss

According to a report, car accident injuries are the most common cause of head trauma that lead to vision loss in this country. More than a million Americans have experienced major effects on their lives because of vision changes that started with a head injury.

Other than experienced Arizona personal injury lawyers, how can somebody who has suffered a vision loss as a result of a car accident expect to receive justice or to understand that vision loss sometimes does come from a car accident. Because most of us do not think of vision loss as being a common result from a traumatic head injury in Arizona, and more often because you do not expect a car accident in most cases to cause vision loss, it is expected that anyone who is sued because of a claimed effect on sight to the person that was hurt in the accident will be skeptical.

Even where it is clear that someone has suffered vision loss as a result of a head injury in a Phoenix car crash, one could expect the insurance company to deny the claim hoping that a jury will be skeptical and that they will be able to “muddy the waters” enough that the person whose life has been effected by vision loss as a result of a car crash will not be able to make a claim.

Arizona law does not only compensate people who suffer the injury that one might “expect” them to suffer in a car accident. Arizona law allows for compensation for all claims, which can be read about in The Master Guide to Handling Injury Cases in Arizona. In fact, in Arizona we have what is known as the “egg shell skull rule.” What that means is that you take your victim as you find them. If somebody happens to have a predisposition to a severe vision loss or a head injury and another driver is negligent, that driver does not get to claim that the injury that they caused does not happened to most people.

If the negligence of one driver in Arizona causes an injury to the other driver, the negligent driver and their insurance company are responsible. Often times, these insurance companies will try to skate by and avoid liability. This is why it takes an experienced lawyer who understands all the aspects of bringing personal injury claims in Arizona to help people move forward with their claims and to give them the best opportunity to receive full and fair compensation for all the injuries they suffered, not just the “typical” injuries.

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