Compensation Calculator and Formulas Are Not Enough to Determine a Claim

Is there a formula for determining how much somebody can get from an insurance company after they were hurt in an auto accident in Arizona? Can somebody take their medical bills and multiply them by two or three and then make the claim and expect that to be paid in Arizona? Is there some sort of schedule for injuries and compensation after automobile accidents in Arizona personal injury cases? The answer is no.

Therefore, while I do not know law in every state in the country and I am only a certified specialist in Arizona injury wrongful death litigation, I question some reports that I have found that provide a “compensation calculator.” While I cannot speak intelligently as to how every system in the world works, I will say that I find it unreasonable to believe that there is any set formula for how injury claims are paid.

In workers’ compensation cases there are schedules for how much can be paid out as a result of a certain injury. But workers’ compensation in Arizona is a totally different set of laws and rules on personal injury claims. The reality is that according to Arizona personal injury law, the value of a claim is the fair and reasonable compensation owed to the person who was injured. That is ultimately decided by a jury.

If it is not decided by a jury, it is decided through settlement by the parties usually based in some way on what a jury would be expected to do with a certain case. Obviously, the physical injury incurred is a key component of this. There are just too many factors that affect the value of any individual case for the amount of the medical bills or any other matters to be determined by a compensation calculator.

It takes an experienced and skilled Phoenix personal injury lawyer who has handled many cases and helped many people, to truly have an idea of what a case is worth in that particular county in the state of Arizona. And yes, it depends what county the accident happened in.

A Pima County jury is not likely to award the same amount as a Maricopa County jury will award for a certain accident or injury. When the accident happened, where it happened, who was involved, what evidence exists on both liability and damages, and many other factors, all lead us to the answer as to what the value of a certain case is.

Obviously, personal injury claims do not allow us to rewind the clock and they do not undo the harm. However, when they are done right and when they work out for the best, the injured person at least is put back in a functioning position. They can begin to move on with their lives after receiving some sort of fair compensation for everything they went through as a result of somebody else’s negligence.

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