Children Injury And Death Caused By Cars Leaving Driveways

According to published reports, nearly 100 children in the United States were killed and 2,000 were injured in 2007, alone, when they were backed over by cars. Usually, these terrible and tragic personal injury accidents occurred in residential driveways. That means somebody leaving the driveway of their house that did not see a kid behind them.

First, we cannot ever emphasize enough the importance of being cautious while backing out of a driveway to avoid any kind of auto accident in Arizona. Second, we understand that life moves quickly and that mistakes can happen. Not every tragedy requires a lawsuit or finger pointing. And for those who have ever been in any way involved in such a terrible tragedy, we are in no way pointing the finger.

However, there are times where a family not only suffers the unspeakable loss of a child that most of us can never comprehend, but where it has happened as a result of the negligence of somebody else. While nothing can undo this terrible loss, we have had many clients who want to see some measure of justice for their loss in a wrongful death lawsuit in Phoenix. Money damages do not eliminate the loss. Certainly, all the money in the world is not worth a tragedy striking any individual child and we have never believed that, and we would never suggest that. However, it may be surprising for some people to know how important it is to some families that there be some measure of compensation that acknowledges the tragedy that was caused by the negligence of somebody else. Even where it is just an insurance company paying its policy limits to the family, there sometimes can be some measure of justice afforded after such a horrendous tragedy.

Does this mean that everybody who is ever involved in this kind of unspeakable tragedy should run out and hire a wrongful death lawyer in Arizona? We absolutely do not advocate that this is in the best interests of everybody. In fact, we have many times where we have not encouraged lawsuits to be brought even where there may be an absolute right to bring such a claim. However, the statute of limitations runs quickly for people who have suffered a terrible loss. Before they know it, that right to even consider bringing a claim may be gone before they even have the opportunity to find out what would be entailed and what might be in the best interests of the family. As a result, we always encourage people to give us a call and ask the questions they have so that we can get them answered. Our skilled Phoenix child injury attorneys can help you make decisions as to what you want to do and what may best help your family after a terrible tragedy.

We can only hope that these incredibly high reported numbers from 2007 will have been lower in 2008, and while we are still in 2009, it will continue to be greatly decreased or eliminated.

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