Maricopa On-the-Job Injuries Caused By Grain Company Explosion

The Arizona Grain Company was the site of a terrible incident in Maricopa, Arizona. Apparently, the side of a grain-loading building was blown apart by two large explosions, according to reports. Also according to reports, two Arizona Grain employees and a truck driver were severely injured with burns to their face and arms.

First and foremost, we hope everybody involved in this Maricopa on-the-job injury heals as quickly as possible. We cannot imagine what these three men and their families must be going through and we hope for the fastest possible recovery.

It is worth mentioning, however, that a truck driver injured in Arizona at a place where he is not an employee may well have rights beyond Arizona workers’ compensation rights. All too often, severely injured people are under the assumption that they are stuck with workers’ compensation and are not entitled to the many available levels of compensation through a third party personal injury claim in Arizona.

We certainly have absolutely no idea what caused this incident. However, there may well have been negligence at the root of these explosions. While employees of Arizona Grain Company may not have any rights to receive their full back pay, money for pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and availability of the best possible medical care, a truck driver from another company who was injured on site may well have a right to bring such a claim.

We are in no way suggesting that we know who is at fault in this case and in no way suggesting that this truck driver – or anyone else – has a definite lawsuit. Any lawyer who would suggest that they know the outcome of a case or the answers to all the questions without reviewing the proper material is not being very honest in the assessment. However, we think that frequently people injured on construction sites, or when they are visiting a jobsite of a company that they do not work for, do not realize that they have a right to receive full and complete compensation for injuries they suffered as a result of somebody else’s negligence; whether it be in Maricopa, Tucson, Phoenix, or anywhere throughout the State of Arizona.

Moreover, because of the Arizona statute of limitations on personal injury claims, and depending upon who is at fault, the right to bring a claim is often lost two years from the date of the incident, and in some cases can be lost in less than six months. That is why it is so important for anybody who has been seriously injured in any kind of explosion or any other incident in Arizona, that may even consider the possibility of bringing a personal injury lawsuit, should always contact experienced Arizona workplace injury lawyers to get their questions answered so that they can make the best possible decision for themselves and their family.

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