Mesa Truck Accident Caused by Speeding Kills Man

So many personal injury cases in Arizona start with a driver who is speeding and then causes an accident. It seems amazing to us that others would so often vilify a victim who is pursing fair compensation for the injuries they received in an accident. So it is with a recent report of a fatal truck accident in Mesa, Arizona. A driver was traveling at such a high rate of speed that he was thrown so far from the truck after his crash that he could not be found for hours. Certainly, nobody deserves to die because of excessive speed.

We feel terrible for the person involved in this accident. However, there is a constant reminder and lesson involved in this and in so many Arizona traffic accidents. Far too many people in Mesa, Arizona have to file personal injury claims because they are unable to work, unable to pay their bills or unable to go on with their life as a result of somebody else speeding. Too frequently, people are so selfish that they decide to travel at a high rate of speed. They are only worrying about their next appointment and not about the fact that there are other people on the road.

If Arizona drivers would slow down and simply be more careful, we would have far less injury, far less suffering, and far fewer personal injury lawsuits. Arizona car accident lawyers wouldn’t need to bring as many lawsuits as they do. People would not need the compensation that is available through the courts.

The next time you hear somebody attack an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer, ask them whether or not they are willing to forgive the people who are speeding on our streets. Simply slowing down could avoid potentially devastating consequences for everyone on the road.

Perhaps you think that we should not be lecturing others about speeding on the freeway. Perhaps you think it is only the job of an Arizona injury attorney to help their clients make insurance claims to receive money damages for what they’ve been through. Perhaps you believe “pain and suffering” is just some kind of a punch line to a joke and that we should not be telling others anything about keeping our roads safe.

We would be very happy to see the day where accidents and serious injuries no longer exist or require a skilled Arizona truck accident lawyer. We would be very happy to see far fewer families devastated because of unnecessary speeding by negligent drivers. Please, the next time you think you are in a hurry, remember this terrible tragedy that happened to this one man and understand that this is an example of many that happen on our roadways every day. Please, slow down.

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