Phoenix Auto Accidents On 1-10 Occur Far Too Often

Car accidents in Phoenix on I-10, Arizona have become so frequent that, according to a latest report of an accident on I-10 in Maricopa County, Arizona has caused 178 deaths over just a five-year period and is the third most dangerous stretch of road in the entire country.

Serious car accidents do not even lead to death, fortunately, in the majority of circumstances. Therefore, while we do not have an exact number from this report, we know if 178 people were killed on I-10 in the Phoenix metropolitan area over that five-year period, countless others suffered serious injury. Almost any Arizona car accident lawyer sees so many repeated injuries that at some point, you feel as though you have helped people hurt in all four corners of the State. That being said, it is sad to see so many repeated serious injuries taking place on I-10 to the point where this roadway has become such a danger.

We can only hope that the Arizona Department of Transportation will take every step necessary to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths that take place in the Phoenix metropolitan area and throughout the State of Arizona. This report does not place blame; therefore we are in no position to decide whether blame should be placed. We certainly hope that the human costs of these kind of tragedies is taken into account when budgeting time comes up, and that every possible thing that can be done to prevent serious auto accident claims in Arizona is done.

If you or anybody you know has been involved in a car accident on I-10 and has questions regarding either the safety of the roadway or just questions about the car accident in general, we encourage you to contact the best Arizona personal injury attorney that you can find. It is very important for you to be able to ask the questions you need answered. It is crucial for you to know your rights so that the best possible decision can be made in terms of whether to pursue an injury lawsuit in Arizona or whether it is best to simply go in another direction entirely.

Anybody who has been involved in a serious car accident has the right get honest answers to their questions from an experienced lawyer – not just somebody who assures them good things or somebody that tells them what they want to hear. Our Arizona car accident attorneys have always taken great pride in being completely honest with all of our clients or potential clients, so that they are in a position to make the best possible decision for themselves.

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