Phoenix Auto Accidents That Physically Injure People Can Have Psychological Effects

What happens to someone who suffers severe emotional or psychological trauma after an auto accident in Arizona? What claims can be made for the person who not only suffered a severe physical injury, but has also suffered psychological effects from a serious bodily injury? Well, far too often these types of claims are dismissed as unimportant. Even lawyers who sometimes represent injury victims are far too quick to discount how much those types of injuries – the injuries that are not physical – have affected the lives of those who have been seriously hurt.

I am not talking about the person who has suffered a whiplash in Phoenix and claims that their life has been destroyed. I am not talking about the person who was barely hurt physically but claims that they cannot handle the post-traumatic stress that they have endured as a result of not being able to work out for three weeks. However, experienced personal injury lawyers in Arizona and throughout the country should not discount the value to their clients of the emotional trauma event’s incidents.

They also should not discount the importance of discussing with a jury the fact that while physical injuries are clearly a very big deal for people who have suffered tremendously after auto accidents in Arizona and elsewhere, that there are traumatic injuries that may leave “invisible scars.” Now, before you attack this view point as just the beliefs of an Arizona personal injury attorney, consider the fact that the idea of invisible scars was not ours, but came from an article published elsewhere and discussed by Professor Mark D. Rusch, an associate professor and rehabilitation psychologist at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Before criticizing people who make these type of claims, consider Rusch’s work and then consider the importance of people who have suffered not only severe physical injuries, but the emotional effects that almost always result in those physical injuries.

There is another reality, however. Unless there is a skilled advocate, an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer that has fought for clients in front of a jury and understands the process, making claims for compensation based upon emotional damages will go nowhere.

It takes a skilled hand to have any shot at proving an injury that is not as easily “provable” as a broken bone. A broken bone can be shown on an X ray. Emotional trauma does not include a diagnostic test such as an MRI that can be as easily shown and demonstrated to the jury.

That is why anybody who has suffered severe loss or severe injury and is making a personal injury claim needs to make sure they ask the important questions to the right lawyer. You need to make sure that you get the answers to help you understand how to successfully attempt to obtain fair compensation for those losses as well.

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