Phoenix Fire Results In Police Officer Saving 12

Today, the Arizona accident lawyer blog takes a break from Phoenix insurance claims, Tucson car accidents, Mesa dog bites, Glendale slip and falls, and every other kind of injury we discuss. As those of you who follow our blog know, we do our best to try to educate the public about their rights and, in many cases, their responsibilities. We often talk about the fact that lawsuits not only help compensate the injured but often help deter people from doing things that will cause serious injury or even wrongful death to innocent people in the future. Often times, the best way to keep an insurance company from doing the wrong thing, is to make sure they’re held financially responsible for the serious injuries that they cause.

However, today the story that we use as an example doesn’t relate to car injuries or to car insurance claims in Phoenix or the best injury attorneys available for brain injuries or anything of the like. Instead, today we just applaud a Phoenix police officer and a neighbor who saved the lives of an entire family. According to reports, Officer Aimee Knight-Fogel was running a regular patrol at around 2:00 in the morning when she noticed a house that was on fire. This officer claimed that she was in the right place at the right time.

The fact is, that unspeakable tragedy may have been moments away from occurring. She did more than just find herself in the right place at the right time. She took the kind of action that we would all hope that we might take in a similar situation. She took the kind of action that would make anybody proud of her as a Phoenix police officer from the Phoenix Police Department in general.

Apparently, as many as 12 lives were saved by this quick action of the officer, which prevented this tragedy from causing fatal damages beyond what was done to the property. Officer Knight-Fogel came through and saved many lives during an event that was beyond belief. Aside from the fact that there are now legal rights and ramifications for those who are left behind dealing with overwhelming financial repercussions due to the fire, as personal injury lawyers in Arizona, we are thrilled that everybody is okay.

Now, instead of having to figure out what kind of personal injury claim would have to be made against whatever caused that fire but led to the tragedy; a tragedy has been averted and instead we can just all be thankful for Officer Knight-Fogel and all of the responding neighbors and anyone else who helped avert a tragic ending on that day.

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