Phoenix Dogs Bite and Attack Postal Worker

As experienced Arizona dog bite lawyers who help people after they have suffered an attack, we have seen the same type of stories unfold on an all too consistent basis. Like many personal injury lawyers that help people who have been severely injured – whether from a car accident or a defective product or a dog bite – we know that some things are consistently dangerous. There are some injuries that happen throughout the State of Arizona that Arizona trial lawyers get used to seeing. Sometimes, you wonder whether or not people will ever use their common sense so that there will not be a need for so many dog bite lawyers to pursue so many Arizona dog bite cases. It has grown tiresome to watch so many pit bull attacks throughout the State of Arizona. Very often, children are bit and attacked by pit bulls throughout Phoenix, Tucson, throughout the State of Arizona and we, as Arizona injury lawyers, come in after the fact to try to help out.

No matter how much work we do and no matter what effort we put in, sometimes it feels as though we’re not even making a dent or getting through to the people who do not keep their dogs behind the fence or on a leash. Now, we see a new story about an innocent postal worker was attacked by two pit bulls. Why were these two pit bulls out of the yard? How were they allowed to attack this postal worker who had to be saved by people in the Phoenix neighborhood?

This innocent woman, like every dog bite victim, has the right to seek compensation for their injuries. The time that will be lost from work. The pain that they will go through and healing from the injuries from a dog bite or pit bull attack. The medical bills that may well mount up. In addition to the things that may be covered, there will also be some uncovered medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses along the way. All this could and should have been prevented. But Arizona allows for a lawsuit against the owner of the dogs. Often, but not always, there is recourse against the homeowner’s insurance where the dogs should have been staying and got out. It is not necessary for an Arizona dog bite lawsuit to include claims against insurance only on the property where the dog bite occurred. Even if the attack occurred off of the property there is still an equal right to pursue that claim.

However, Arizona dog bite law prevents any lawsuit to take place after two years. To make matters even more restrictive, somebody who has been attacked by a pit bull in Arizona must bring a lawsuit within one year of the date of the incident or they lose some of the legal protections they have. Therefore, while in theory a lawsuit can be brought up to two years after an attack, it is very much to the benefit of anybody who’s been bitten by a pit bull in Arizona or attacked by a dog to seek out a lawyer early enough that the investigation can be accomplished and the chance to file the lawsuit in less than one year can be pursued.

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