Phoenix Swimming Pool Accident Puts 3 Year Old In Critical Condition

In Arizona, people are constantly encouraged to put gates around pools to protect toddlers and other children from falling into the pool and drowning. As experienced Arizona child injury lawyers, we have seen far too many times, cases where potential lawsuits have been made against negligent baby-sitters and other family members who failed to closely watch a child and serious injury resulted. However, what is even tougher to explain is a recent report of the potential malfunctioning pool gate that allowed a child to get through into the pool.

Apparently, a three-year-old boy fell into a pool in the 6600 block of North 20th Avenue. According to reports, this poor child was in “extremely critical condition” after the fall. We cannot imagine what the child’s poor family is dealing with. We can only hope that the three-year-old boy pulls through and ends up with a complete recovery. When a pool gate is erected, the family undoubtedly feels some assurance and safety in the fact that no one is going to be able to get to the pool.

If in fact this pool gate failed, the manufacturer of that gate must be held liable in a product liability case in Arizona. A pool gate is relied upon to protect and save lives. The gate must be manufactured and designed in a way that children will not be able to get through a malfunctioning gate and end up in a tragic situation. If, and only “if”, there was actually a faulty installation, design, or manufacture of this particular gate, we hope whoever failed is held accountable. Not just held accountable for this little boy, for whom money can mean nothing, and hopefully the only thing that we will see is a full and complete healthy recovery. Instead, if anyone related to this product is involved, they must be held accountable to save the lives of future children.

All Phoenix child injuries devastate lives. But to see these kinds of personal tragedies happen to a small child is overwhelming and tragic beyond words. Whatever can be done must be done for the protection of children everywhere who rely upon these gates being installed, designed, and manufactured properly and safely.

Like any failed product, if you or anyone you know has been involved in any kind of serious injury that was caused by a defective product, an experienced Arizona product liability lawyer is in the best position to try to answer the questions necessary so that any family who has suffered any kind of loss or injury because of this can make the best decision for themselves.

Above all, we hope for nothing but the best for this three-year-old boy, a complete and full recovery if at all possible, and the best for this family.

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