Arizona Insurance Company Independent Medical Examinations

Negotiating with an insurance company after suffering an injury can be very difficult. Many people try to do this on their own. There are times where no lawyer is needed. In fact, there are many times when someone may suffer an injury and they may not even have a claim under the law. However, far too often as skilled Arizona personal injury lawyers, we see people who simply do not understand the process, and therefore get themselves in trouble.

Most people believe that since they are honest, they can expect the adversary to be honest as well. In other words, if someone has been seriously injured in an automobile accident in Phoenix, Arizona, they believe that as long as they tell the truth, they will receive a fair amount of compensation for medical bills, money lost from work, “pain and suffering,” and other things that they incurred due to somebody else’s negligence.

Very often these negotiations with insurance companies go nowhere. All too often, negotiations with insurance companies start out friendly, until it becomes time for the insurance company to actually pay a fair amount and then they send people to what they term an Independent Medical Examination. Going to an Independent Medical Examination without understanding the process can be extremely dangerous. As the New York Times reported in a story, far too often these examinations are nothing more than a sham. They are an attempt by the insurance company not to find out the truth, but to find a doctor who they can pay to say things that will deny compensation for somebody who has been seriously injured as a result of somebody’s negligence. Trying to negotiate with an insurance company without Arizona’s top personal injury attorneys by your side can be very risky, particularly when the harm from your accident is severe.

This does not mean that every doctor that performs Independent Medical Examinations in Tucson is a liar. However, this does not mean that every insurance company doctor in Phoenix cannot be trusted. But people must understand the process and recognize insurance company secrets in Arizona.

When you as a victim are being sent by an insurance company to a doctor, do not expect that the doctor is necessarily going to be honest with the insurance company. If the insurance company wanted honesty, they would probably just turn to the actual treating doctor who knew the case the best. Instead, they often hire people repeatedly because those doctors will say exactly what the insurance companies want to hear – that they do not have to pay any more money to somebody who has been seriously injured in a car accident, work related injury, or bike accident in Arizona.

If you or anybody you know is being asked to go to an insurance company’s doctor, be very cautious. Contact the most skilled personal injury lawyer in Phoenix that you can find and get the answers to your questions. At Breyer Law Offices P.C, we take great pride in being straightforward and honest with anybody who raises questions about Independent Medical Examinations, insurance company tactics, or a host of other things. We will not simply tell you that all insurance companies are evil because we do not believe this. We will not tell people that the Independent Medical Examiner always lies, because we know that is not the case.

However, we will make sure that the people who ask us questions get truthful and informative advice to allow them to decide whether to even participate in this insurance company tactic. There are times – such as during litigation – where it may be required. There are many times where people go to these Independent Medical Examiners – in other words, the insurance company’s paid doctors – before they even call a lawyer on their side to make sure it’s a good idea. This is almost always a mistake and we would discourage anybody from going to a doctor bought and paid for (in some cases) without at least speaking to a potential advocate on their side who understands the importance of the best possible strategies to ensure fair compensation after an injury. Call 602-978-6400 for a free consultation.

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