Arizona Wrongful Death Claims Require Attorney to Obtain Best Settlement

Arizona residents often ask why they need to retain an experienced wrongful death attorney in Phoenix when their loved one was killed by the negligence of another individual and there appears to be no liability issues. In other words, if it is clear that someone else caused the accident that killed their loved one, but why would a lawyer be needed? What can a lawyer do if the other side already admits they caused the accident and owe some money? What can the top Arizona injury lawyers do if the insurance company is already saying they will be fair when it comes time to settle? Many people believe that since the wrongdoer – the person who caused the crash – accepted liability, there will be no need to go to trial, and therefore no reason to hire the best accident lawyer in Phoenix they can find.

Many times even if an insurance company accepts liability, the insurance company will not offer a fair settlement. In order to get the best settlement possible in a wrongful death claim, it usually requires an experienced attorney. Many people may think that by settling without getting an attorney, they can avoid going to trial. However, we suggest you give this more careful thought and analysis.

If an unrepresented person is negotiating their own claim, the insurance company is not likely to offer a fair settlement because they are more likely to think the unrepresented person is not willing to go to trial. With an experienced Arizona wrongful death accident lawyer negotiating on your behalf, it is more likely that the insurance company takes your claim seriously and knows that the attorney is willing to fight until the end for justice. This is especially true with hiring trial lawyers who have a reputation for taking cases to jury trials.

Of course, it is possible that an insurance company will try to negotiate out of a sense of fairness, but remember the insurance company and insurance adjuster has a job to do. That job is not to offer the most money possible to the injury victim or their family. It is the job of the insurance company to offer as little money as possible to increase their profits, in many cases. The threat of trial and losing to a skilled personal injury attorney in Phoenix often is the incentive necessary that results in the insurance company extending a fair settlement offer.

Also, it is important to know that delay in retaining a lawyer often leads to missed opportunities and lost evidence that could potentially seriously damage the ultimate outcome of a wrongful death claim.

What is most important is to remember that there is only one chance to obtain a fair settlement for a wrongful death claim or any injury claim. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one and think you may have a wrongful death claim, we suggest that you consult with a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death law. An attorney can give you an honest opinion of your claim and it may be that you do not need an attorney, but it is best to make sure you at least have a consultation with an injury attorney prior to doing anything on your claim that could jeopardize your one opportunity for a fair insurance settlement.

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