Judges Overruling the Jury Verdict in Personal Injury Litigation

Arizona’s best attorneys fight for their personal injury clients from the very start of the case. However, the fight does not end when the jury comes back. What most people do not realize is that a jury verdict – a win for someone who is hurt – does not guarantee that the injured person will receive that compensation. In other words, a large percentage of people win their trial only to have a judge CHANGE the jury’s verdict.

According to a comprehensive study’s report by the department of justice that covered the entire US, a full 16% of jury verdicts in personal injury cases are changed or altered in some way. Try to think about that for a second.

Your life has been changed because of another person’s negligence. Multiple surgeries, you cannot go to work because you have been hurt so badly, maybe you are one of the unlucky people who will never regain the life they lived before someone’s neglect sent you to the hospital.

You hire the top lawyer in Arizona personal injury you can find, you go through all of the steps of the process, and you finally have your day in court. A jury comes back and finds that you should be fully and fairly compensated, and the verdict is in your favor. Can you imagine a judge overruling the jury verdict? Well, almost 1 in every 5 trials is followed by a judge overruling the jury’s decision. According to the study, 16% of all verdicts are changed by the judge on the case after the fact, and that same study says the most common change is a reduction of the amount the plaintiff would receive.

This is why hiring a skilled lawyer in any serious injury or wrongful death in Arizona is so important. It is not just about being a good “speaker.” You need quality legal representation from an attorney who has full knowledge of the laws that will reduce the chances of a judge finding a way to limit the amount of recovery paid to someone who has had a jury rule in their favor.

If you, or anybody you know, faces the possibility of an Arizona lawsuit and needs an experienced personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona or anywhere else in the state, we welcome your phone call at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. You can count on us to be straight with you about your chances of success. We do not believe in bringing cases that lack merit, we will never work with clients that we do not trust to have suffered real injuries as a result of negligence by someone else.

If you contact our office by calling 602-974-6400 and your injuries are real but the law will not support your case, you can count on an honest answer. Having said that, if the law and facts support you, you can also count on us to provide the best possible representation we can, coming from a firm with a State Bar of Arizona certified specialist in injury and wrongful death litigation, and a husband and wife law team committed to our clients and to achieving justice for injury victims.

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