Personal Injury Legal Representation Advised by Government Report

People often ask us why they need to hire a top personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, Tucson, or anywhere in the state of Arizona. The thought process of most people seems to be that since they will not need to go to trial and they just want to settle, there is no advantage to hiring a lawyer.

However, if you follow the logical sequence of events, it becomes clear that a fair settlement from an insurance company in a serious injury claim will often require the best Arizona lawyer one can find. According to the department of justice report of the United States, 90% of all trials in personal injury cases are to a jury, not a judge. Thus, the likelihood of being able to rely on a fair minded judge at trial is slim. In fact, either party in Arizona can request a jury trial and that request, if timely, must be granted according to the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure.

Thus, the fact that almost all personal injury victims would need to be able to present their case properly to a jury virtually eliminates the likelihood of a “fair trial” to someone who is not represented. There are rare exceptions, but for the most part, finding a skilled Phoenix personal injury lawyer for legal representation to go to trial is a must.

Now, for those of you who think that settling is the way to avoid the issue of trials, ask yourself how that will be accomplished. If the insurance company or corporate defendant that is negotiating with you knows that you have not retained a lawyer they respect, why would they offer a fair amount in settlement?

Perhaps they will try to negotiate with you out of a sense of fairness, but in reality, the defendants have a job to do, and it is to attain the best possible financial position. Unless the threat of being taken to trial and losing exists to the defendant, there is little incentive for them to offer a fair settlement. To make matters worse, the delay in retaining a lawyer to try to “work it out on your own,” very often leads to missed opportunities that permanently damage a serious personal injury case or Arizona wrongful death claim.

There is only one chance to work for a fair settlement. To do it without even having a no-cost, no obligation discussion with a lawyer, is simply a mistake in most cases involving closed head injuries or other serious or permanent injuries. If you have questions about this concept, just the experienced personal injury attorneys in Arizona a call at Breyer Law Ofices, P.C. If you have no case or do not need a lawyer, you can count on an honest evaluation and we will tell you our real opinion. We do not think it helps anyone to bring claims that lack merit, and we would rather tell people up front if a legitimate claim under Arizona law does not exist. Contact us at 480-753-4534.

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