Phoenix Auto Accident Causes Man to Lose His Job

As Arizona car accident attorneys, we know that many times where an innocent person will be injured in an automobile accident and then lose their job as a result of the injuries they suffered in the car crash. It seems that sometimes if a person spends time in the hospital or cannot return to work soon after the collision, they will be fired. A story like this was recently reported when a Valley man lost his job because he was in the hospital after being involved in an automobile accident.

The fact is that Arizona is what we call a “right to work” state. What this means is that employment is “at will.” We are not employment lawyers, instead we focus all out attention to helping people who have been injured in an accident. However, from all accounts, the reality is that this man – and others like him who lose their job because of a car accident in Arizona – will have no recourse against his employer. The one chance people have in this situation is to obtain the best possible settlement for his personal injury claim, which would include recovery of all of his lost wages as well as future, anticipated lost wages if we were not able to return to work.

As experienced personal injury lawyers helping people after car accidents in Arizona, we help many people like this particular gentleman by addressing every facet of his personal injury claim. Among other things, we would likely hire an expert witness to document the lost wages, decreased ability to work, and future lost wages. In addition, many times people cannot return to their occupation prior to the accident because of permanent injuries because of the auto accident. Many of our clients also require help finding doctors who will wait for payment because they no longer have an income or cannot work. Often our clients will face extreme financial difficulties because they are unable to return to work or they are fired because their employers know they have sustained serious injuries and they are considered a “liability” to return back to work. This is when it becomes most important to have an experienced legal team to make sure every angle of the injury claim is covered to ensure that someone who was badly hurt does not lose out on the opportunity to get reimbursed for lost time and money from work, medical bills, and all of the other ways that their lives can be affected by a serious injury.

Each case is different from the next, so it is important to speak to an experienced Arizona auto accident attorney regarding why you have lost your job after an automobile accident, what evidence can be put together to prove the wage loss case, and what wages, present and future, can be collected against the party that caused the accident and was negligent.

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