Tucson Motorcycle Accidents on Highway 83

Arizona motorcycle injury lawyers seem to be a little bit “different” when touting their credentials, at times. It seems to me as an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer helping people after they have lost a family member or suffered severe bodily injury due to a motorcycle accident, automobile accident, bicycle accident or any other forms of personal injury, that most of our clients are trying to find the best possible lawyer that can help them with their case.

In this way, and I really don’t mean this as a criticism but more of an observation, it is interesting to see how many lawyers that claim they are “motorcycle accident lawyers” in Phoenix, Arizona, and Tucson and all around the state, talk about the fact that they also ride motorcycles. Is that what is important? Is it really important to the person who has lost a loved one whether or not the lawyer is also a rider? To the person who will never be able to work again after being badly hurt while riding a motorcycle, is the most important factor to them whether or not the lawyer that will stand and fight for them to try to get them fair compensation is also someone who owns a Harley? In my experience, I do not believe so.

The reality is that after a serious motorcycle accident in Arizona, very few people turn to the neurosurgeon and ask them whether or not they ride a Harley. In fact, you want the best possible neurosurgeon you can get, as you would want the best possible personal injury trial lawyer in Arizona that you can find.

And it is dangerous to just find someone who likes to ride. Now, I do not ride. The reality is going on a Moped is pretty much my top speed. Having said that, I take great pride in my ability to help people after they’ve been seriously injured. I have a great deal of confidence in who I am as a lawyer and my ability to help people that have been involved in Phoenix motorcycle accidents. And in this way, I know the law. Now, just because somebody loves to ride doesn’t mean they’re not a great lawyer. I have no doubt that many accident lawyers also ride. But why that is something they like to advertise, is a little bit surprising to me.

The reality is that motorcycle accident cases can be extremely complicated. Motorcycles do not handle like other cars. Motorcyclists have to deal with a far more prejudiced and biased jury panel than do other people injured in car crashes. Motorcycle accidents create bigger challenges legally and factually even when the motorcycle rider has done nothing wrong. That is straight and honest talk that should actually be shared to people who have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Tucson or anywhere else in Arizona. This is the type of information motorcyclists ought to be told at the outset of every case.

Also, roads that are not dangerous to cars are sometimes extremely dangerous to motorcycles as has been recently reported in an article. On Highway 83 in southern Arizona, we learned from a recent Tucson, Arizona report that there have been 40 crashes in a three-year period. Seventeen life-threatening injuries and four deaths have occurred to motorcyclists during this period of time on this one stretch of road. This means that a lawyer needs to find the best possible experts as quickly as possible to look at probable issues of that roadway.

This does not mean that there’s necessarily a negligent design or maintenance of that roadway, but it clearly raises a question that should be looked at. Since you have only 180 days to file a proper and complete notice of claim to get to any public entity, you must have a lawyer available as quickly as possible to help if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash. Your attorney should be someone who takes no time to get up to speed on the key issues that exist in helping people after serious injury in a motorcycle crashes.

So, if you want straight talk and honest answers as to whether or not you have a case, please feel free to give the skilled Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers Breyer Law Offices, P.C. a call. If you want someone who will look you in the eye and tell you the problems with the case as well as the strengths, we are always happy to be there. On the other hand, if you just want someone who shares your hobbies, we would encourage you to look elsewhere. This is not a problem and we have no issue with any choice anyone may use in how they select the attorney that can have a life-changing effect on everything they do and the compensation they receive. But we take great pride in our ability as trial lawyers and that is the message that we proudly share.

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