United States Jury Verdicts for Personal Injury Cases

The best and most experienced personal injury lawyers in Phoenix know something that most people need to know. The top Arizona lawyers and trial lawyers know the truth of what is happening in our legal system. Unfortunately, most people do not recognize how unfair juries can be to people who have suffered serious injuries.

$24,300 as compensation for the death of a loved one? $24,300 as compensation for a permanent brain injury in Arizona? $24,300 for an injury that causes amputation or other terrible and permanent injuries caused by the neglect of someone else? Sound ridiculous, unfair, and unsupported? You are right.

What does that $24,300 represent? According to the most recent report of jury verdict in the United States, that is the median final award in personal injury cases. That means the middle of the road is an incredibly low and unfair number. While all cases cannot be judged on that one fact, the reality is that a jury that is not well educated on the horrendous affects an injury can have on an innocent victim’s life, is not likely to be fair in their verdict. There are too many hurdles, legal and factual, to clear. It takes skilled Phoenix personal injury lawyers who have won cases before juries to at least increase the chances of achieving a good result for someone who deserves fair compensation for a slip and fall accident, work related accident, or construction accident in Arizona.

People who are injured should not ask for more money than they deserve. We all know that. What we also know is that people who cause debilitating injuries should not be able to avoid fair compensation for the destruction and damages they cause.

If you know anybody that needs answers, feel free to give Arizona’s top personal injury attorneys from Breyer Law Offices, P.C a call at 480-753-4534. If your case is life-altering, we will be happy to provide you with the answers you need to make the important decision regarding how to protect your family. Personal injury cases have one chance at settlement or trial in almost every case. There is no second chance. For people who need fair compensation, risking $24,000 as settlement or final award in a case of terrible injury or death is not a risk that can be taken.

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