Yuma Seat Belt Enforcement to Increase Safety

We just want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and support for the Yuma, Arizona police and their enforcement efforts to get people to use seat belts. It has been reported in an article that Yuma, Arizona is going to take extra efforts to increase the frequency with which people use their seat belts.

Why would a skilled personal injury lawyer in Arizona care if people use their seat belts? Perhaps this sounds like something that only a mother would take interest in. However, we have seen far too many life-changing injuries – and some people who have been killed, leaving children and spouses and parents behind – because of a failure to use a seat belt. Seat belts save lives. However, they do not save lives in every case. Unfortunately, there are times where a seat belt may be of little value. However, when you’re dealing with a life and death situation, you must play the odds in your favor. Far too many people call us with horrendous injuries due to a car accident in Arizona that could have been avoided if they had simply put on their seat belt.

Seat belt use is not just the law, it will save lives. We have seen it time and time again. We have many clients who have been in Phoenix auto accidents and suffered serious injuries who are only alive because they had their seat belts on.

There are too many things that we do not control when it comes to injuries – people having to suffer, and wrongful death due to car crashes in Arizona. Wearing a seat belt is one of the things we can control. If a ticket from a police officer is enough to get people to use their seat belt, then we applaud that measure.

If you or anybody you know has any questions about what options exist to any personal injury case or seat belt issues in Arizona, whether it is related to an injury directly or whether it was related to a seat belt defense that is being made by somebody else, please feel free to give Breyer Law Offices P.C. a call at 480-753-4534. We are always happy to discuss the options that exist for anybody who needs a top Arizona personal injury attorney.

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