Arizona Childhood Brain Injuries

Phoenix Lawyer Addresses Advancement in Treatment of Medical Care in Arizona for Childhood Brain Injuries

As Arizona child injury lawyers and personal injury attorneys, it is far too common for us to see that the medical care provided to people of all ages in the Phoenix metropolitan area, good as it can be, lags behind some of the best medical care that there is. That is why we are so pleased to have read a report which indicates that Phoenix Children’s Hospital has created a new division known as Children’s Neuroscience Institute.

Nothing is more devastating for a family than seeing a traumatic brain injury to a child. We hope they never happen. However, when they do happen, we hope for the best possible medical care for these kids to give them a chance to overcome the injuries they have suffered.

We are certain that we speak for all personal injury lawyers in Arizona when we say that we are thrilled to see an advancement of this sort come to the State of Arizona. We are optimistic that fewer kids will have to live through long-term or permanent effects from closed head injuries as a result of this new opening.

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