Arizona Drunk Driving Accidents that Cause Injury: It Can Happen to You

It is well documented that at Breyer Law Offices, we sue drunk drivers. We do everything possible to make sure drunk drivers and their insurance companies fully compensate our clients. Drinking and driving is selfish and it is stupid. More importantly, although most drunk drivers intend to cause no harm, they take not only their own lives, but the lives of others into their hands. We have been very critical of drinking and driving for a long time and very aggressive in our representation of our clients when there is a drunk driver on the other side.

However, sometimes we are all reminded that it can happen to anybody. No, this is not one of our many, many stories of people who are hurt in drunk driving accidents and needed a lawyer to help them with the personal injury case. Yes, we have helped many, many people under those circumstances because we are Arizona car accident lawyers and drinking and driving unfortunately causes many of the most serious accidents. However, day after day and year after year, we always see the side of the family who was devastated because of an injury caused by a drunk driver.

However, a former client of ours recently was involved in a terrible drunk driving accident. This was a client we have always liked and a client that we have nothing but good things to say about from the time that we got to know him while we represented him. We got to know his family as well, and he came from an excellent family. And yet, he was recently listed as a suspect for driving under the influence. We have no idea if the allegations are accurate. The truth is, it does not matter. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true in this case or not, because it is a reminder that whether our former client is innocent or not, one mistake not only devastates the lives of the person who is hurt in their family, but the family and loved ones of the person who was too selfish to make sure that they had a safe ride home.

We certainly hope our former client is innocent. We hope for justice for everybody involved.

If you have been in an auto accident in Arizona and think that it may have been caused by the negligence of a drunk driver, Breyer Law Offices, P.C. can help. Contact our skilled Tuscon personal injury attorneys today for a free evaluation to ensure that you get the compensation that is due to you. Call us today at 602-978-6400.

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