Arizona Freeway Collisions: Statute of Limitations for Insurance Claim

Arizona Injury Lawyer Discusses Statute of Limitations for Accidents Involving Wrongful Death after a Freeway Collision Where a Car Comes Through the Median

After yet another terrible auto accident in Tucson where a car crossed over from one side of the freeway, across all of I 10, through the median and collided with an oncoming vehicle, we thought it was important to let everybody know the short time deadline that may be involved in such a claim.

As Arizona personal injury lawyers, we talk to many people who believe that they have two years to file an insurance claim after an accident. This is wrong for two reasons.

First, filing an insurance claim after an automobile accident is never enough. The time deadline – known as the statute of limitations – requires the filing of a proper lawsuit in the Superior Court. Moreover, there is not a two-year deadline to file the lawsuit in some cases. In a case such as this one, the deadline may be as short as 180 days.

Also, the deadline requires more than just a filing of a lawsuit.Within 180 days, enough information has to be collected to file what is called a “notice of claim” and get it served upon the right person. That is because there have been far too many accidents where people have been killed when another car crossed over the median.

Sometimes this is due solely to the negligence of the other driver who crossed over. Sometimes, however, there are other vehicles involved or even a negligent design of the median between the two sides of the freeway that allowed the vehicle to cross over and cause the terrible collision. This is why hiring an experienced Tucson car accident lawyer someone can find after a freeway collision is so important to avoid missing deadlines that can destroy a valid serious personal injury or wrongful death case.

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