Arizona Insurance Claims against Parents and Siblings

Even the Top 10 Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers Still Face Challenges When Children Must Bring Insurance Claims or Lawsuits against Parents and Siblings

Very often, children suffer serious injuries in car accidents in Tuscon that were caused by their own mother or father. Now, most people are surprised to learn that the child has the same right to bring an insurance claim against their own parent as they would against any other negligent driver. The problem is that people are very skeptical of these claims. They should not be.

Insurance is there to protect a person who causes serious personal injury in an accident from a lawsuit they might face from anybody they hurt. That is not just true of somebody in another car. The passenger in a vehicle has the right to not only sue the driver of another car, but to sue the driver of the car that they are riding in. If that passenger happens to be a family member, their rights are the same.

A child has the same right to bring the claim against their own parent. This does not mean they don’t love their parent. The truth is, it’s for the parent that’s lining up the claim to make sure that the child is properly compensated for injuries endured in an Arizona car accident. It is only the failure to recognize that this is the purpose of the insurance that creates so many problems when these cases find their way to a courtroom and a skeptical jury panel wonders how a child can sue his own parents. The reality is, he’s not trying to “sue” and get money from his parents, but is instead simply trying to get the insurance compensation that his parents paid for in case they ever made this kind of mistake.

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