Arizona Insurance Claims Lawyers Fight against Insurance Industry Tactics to Deny Fair Payment

I cannot begin to count the number of people who I have talked to over the years who have acted as though the insurance adjuster they talked to was their friend and would be fair to them. Insurance adjusters have a job to do. Many insurance adjusters are fabulous people. Many insurance adjusters mean well. Many insurance adjusters try to do the best they can. But they have a job to do and that job is, ultimately, to avoid paying full value on a claim.

When we see reports such as these where Iraqi veterans who have lost their eyesight are being denied what appear to be obvious claims by the insurance company, all bets should be off for the rest of us. If an Iraqi veteran who has a clear-cut claim is not able to obtain fair compensation, what can a victim of a car accident in Arizona expect from an insurance company?

Why would somebody who suffered a personal injury in Arizona expect to receive some sort of fair compensation and payment for medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and all of the other benefits they are entitled to under the law unless they have the best possible injury lawyer they can find? It is unfortunately not realistic. The system is set up as an adversarial one. The insurance adjusters are well-trained and well-educated and prepared to do anything possible to limit the amount that’s paid. Someone who has been seriously hurt deserves the right to have an advocate on their side, a Phoenix insurance coverage lawyer they can trust in bringing the personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim.

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