Arizona Light Rail Accidents and Statute of Limitations

Another light rail accident has been reported, according to an article. The numbers of rail accidents seem to be climbing. As Phoenix personal injury attorneys, we are on the record as being proponents of light rail. We would like to see it expanded. We believe that getting more people onto the light rail will reduce the number of accidents and serious injuries on Arizona’s roads. There will be fewer personal injury claims, fewer serious injuries, fewer medical costs to the people involved in accidents and to all of society if we can get more people riding public transportation.

A lawyer that sees so many serious personal injuries, people filing bankruptcy as a result of medical bills, people who lose their homes because they cannot work after a serious accident, and so many other serious effects from car accidents in Arizona, if there is a good alternative, then we support it.

However, this increase in accidents between light rail and cars has to be addressed. This is not to say that every accident with the light rail is the fault of the light rail operator. However, more needs to be done in terms of research and planning to try to limit the number of accidents. Even at the slower speeds they often travel, the light rail cars weigh a lot and have a huge amount of force upon impact with a car. Should they ever be involved in an accident with a motorcyclist or bicyclist, there could be tragic consequences.

Moreover, any accident with a light rail brings with it a very short time frame for Arizona statute of limitations. Someone who’s been in an accident with a light rail train needs to be immediately hire a lawyer because they have less than six months (180 days) to find a lawyer, get their case documented, get their damages documented, get their evidence regarding the fault of the light rail operator documented, and get everything put together and filed appropriately. Unlike most serious motor vehicle accidents in Arizona, Phoenix light rail accidents bring with it a much shorter time period and a much quicker fuse.

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