Arizona Pedestrian Accident Wrongful Death Claims and Challenges

According to a recent and tragic report, an elderly couple was killed at the same time when they were hit by a vehicle that appeared to be speeding. This pedestrian accident is not only heart-wrenching, but it happens far too frequently. Much too often, Arizona drivers forget that they share the road with people who are crossing the street. Arizona drivers become too casual and stop being vigilant about looking around and making sure that they are not going to cause serious injury to somebody who is walking on the sidewalk and about to cross the street through a crosswalk or elsewhere.

However, there are also very real difficulties for somebody who was injured while they were a pedestrian. We suspect that if you asked every one of the best pedestrian accident lawyers and car accident lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, they would almost all agree that there is a certain suspicion of the pedestrian when cases go before a jury. Insurance companies will use this to their advantage and try to pay many pedestrians less than they are entitled to. The angle used is to have the jury or the driver recall times where a pedestrian cut in front of them or did something dangerous that concerned them.

An absolutely necessary first step to receiving fair compensation is making sure that the best possible lawyer is available on the case when you or someone you know has been hit by a car while walking across the street or while standing on the sidewalk is. Even for those who aren’t sure that they want to bring a claim, it can help to get answers that you deserve to know by calling an experienced Tuscon personal injury lawyer so that you and your family can make the best possible decision having all the needed information. There is nothing wrong with making the decision not to proceed with a possible lawsuit or insurance claim, but there is no excuse for not at least making a free phone call, taking some time and gathering the information so that it is an educated and good decision in regards to whether to bring an accident or injury lawsuit in Arizona. Call Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today at 602-978-6400 for a free consultation of your pedestrian or auto accident case.

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