Arizona Product Liability Lawyers and Injury Claimants Face Unique and Difficult Challenge

In almost every state in this country, people who are hurt because of a dangerous and defective product have the right to bring a lawsuit against the person who sold them that product. It is not the job of almost any American citizen to try to track down the person in some foreign land and hope that they will somehow show up in an American courtroom and pay their “fair share” of the dangerous product they designed or manufactured. Instead, we count on the retailers who buy these things to have proper insurance so that if they sell something that badly injures an American, the American doesn’t have to do the impossible.

On top of that, the leverage exists largely with the person who has a relationship with this company in a foreign land. In other words, if some company in communist China accidentally manufactures a dangerous product that kills somebody, is that company likely to show up for a lawsuit in Pima County, Arizona or Maricopa County, Arizona? Of course not. Perhaps if they might lose the business of Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or some other big box retailer, they would show up to keep that business.

However, Arizona is the only state we know of that requires the Arizona resident to not only sue the person who sold them the product, but also to try to find a way to bring in every single individual from the time the dangerous and defective product that caused the serious injury was created and designed, through its manufacturing, and through all the different shipment channels and anyone who may have contributed to the sale of the dangerous product. This is ridiculous, but this is the law. This is also one of the many reasons that anybody who’s been injured as a result of a dangerous and defective product should immediately contact an experienced Phoenix product liability lawyer they can find to help them with their Arizona product liability claim.

Dangerous products kill people. These companies should not be allowed to continue to operate. Getting a lawyer on board who can try to track down the responsible parties as quickly as possible can be vital. I am not a big believer in telling people to “hurry” in hiring a lawyer before they are ready. I would not do that with an Arizona product liability case either. The problem is, Arizona law requires even the best personal injury lawyers to find these different people in the “chain” of the product. Moreover, the product itself can be vital, and failing to get a lawyer can often lead to the failure to secure the product and make sure it is not destroyed, thereby destroying the evidence that could create the claim.

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