Arizona School Bus Safety

Bus Accident Lawyer Addresses School Bus Safety Concerns

A report indicated that a Tolleson school bus rear-ended a truck on I 10. The school bus was full of children when the bus accident in Arizona happened. Fortunately, it has been reported that nobody was hurt. However, we should not wait to see more children injured on school buses before we take action. Everybody agrees that we want to reduce the amount of injuries suffered by children. And everybody knows that school buses carry children. It is what they do. So why is it that we haven’t done everything possible, such as the installation of seat belts and other safety mechanisms, to make sure that our children are safe and that children’s injuries are prevented?

How many children have to suffer serious personal injury throughout the United States, including Arizona, before we will do what is possible to prevent it?

Skilled Arizona bus accident lawyers can help families after their children have been seriously injured in a bus accident. But all of us who help these children and families would like to never see another injury from a bus accident again. While maybe this is not possible, it certainly seems possible to greatly reduce the amount of children who are injured in school bus accidents. It is time that we took notice of the importance of our children and start taking steps to increase school bus safety.

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