Hiring Arizona Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys Who Do Not Ride?

As experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Arizona, it is interesting to see that many lawyers who claim, among their “legal credentials” to handle a claim, that they are “motorcycle accident lawyers” because they ride motorcycles. Is riding a motorcycle a credential of being the best motorcycle accident attorney in Arizona? Is it really important to the injured victim or the family of a lost loved one killed in a motorcycle accident if the attorney they hire rides a motorcycle?

In our experience, the answer is no. It does not matter if the attorney you choose rides a motorcycle or not. What matters is that the attorney is experienced in handling cases of serious injury and wrongful death in Phoenix.

The truth of the matters is that if you were involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Arizona and needed a doctor, you would not turn to the neurosurgeon who is about to operate on someone with a brain injury after a motorcycle accident and ask the doctor if he rode motorcycles or not. In fact, you probably would not even care one bit if the doctor rode a motorcycle. Instead you would want the best possible neurosurgeon. It is the same for hiring an attorney in Arizona if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. Hire the best possible attorney.

We are attorneys. However, we do not pretend to be what we are not, and we make no bones about who we are as people and as lawyers helping bikers after injury accidents. We do not ride motorcycles. We will tell you that upfront. In contrast, as an attorney, Mark is a certified specialist in wrongful death law in Arizona and has handled many motorcycle accidents in Arizona. The reality is that many motorcycle accident cases can be very complicated and it is important that the motorcycle rider have an experienced attorney on his side.

The jury will never hear whether your lawyer rides or not. The law does not care whether your lawyer rides or not. Motorcycle accidents can create bigger challenges legally and factually even when the motorcycle rider is not liable at all for the accident. Many times motorcyclists are judged harsher by those on a jury and it is important that the motorcyclists have an experienced lawyer, not rider, on their side.

If you want someone who will tell you that bikers are not judged by those who do not ride, then it is fine to run out and find some lawyer who “rides” and one that will also tell you what you want to hear, you will have to look elsewhere. We tell our clients the truth. It is unfair, but also a reality, that many people have stereotypes of bikers that they hold against people injured in motorcycle accidents.

We suggest anyone needing help following a serious motorcycle accident pick a skilled Arizona personal injury attorney that they feel comfortable with – rider or not.

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