Maricopa County Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Accident Brings Up Issue of “Full Coverage” Insurance

Another pedestrian has been killed by a vehicle as recently reported in an article from Experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyers have to see these unfortunate cases on a regular basis. In this particular incident, it was yet another hit-and-run pedestrian accident in Arizona. Maricopa County Sheriff Detectives are still investigation the accident and looking for the driver who killed the unidentified victim.

When unexpected tragedies strike, not only do families suffer the loss of a loved one, but a time of financial struggle may wait ahead. Far too many people do not realize the risk in assuming that they have “full coverage” for their automobile insurance, when in reality, they don’t. Full coverage means something different to everybody. There is no real definition of it. Therefore, it is important to follow up on the particulars when an accident occurs. And it is especially important to take responsibility for causing an accident in the first place. For instance, a pedestrian who’s struck by a car that leaves the scene of a pedestrian accident in Arizona may be thought to have no insurance options. However, if that person owns a vehicle or even lives with a family member that owns a vehicle that has uninsured motorist coverage, then the pedestrian would be protected.

It is a surprise to most people that uninsured motorist coverage protects people even when they are not in their car and even if they don’t even own a car but live with a family member that does. The most important question to ask when buying your auto insurance is whether or not you have the highest possible limits of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage so that if you have to bring an Arizona auto insurance claim, you are protecting yourself and your family members later. It is one of the cheaper forms of the insurance that you can purchase and it is also probably the most important part of any insurance policy and any future accident or injury claim made.

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