Preventing Childhood Drowning Accidents

As Arizona personal injury lawyers who help families following all kinds of unexpected tragedies, among the hardest to deal with are childhood drownings. However, we cannot ignore this. The reality is that there are far too many preventable deaths throughout Arizona. Therefore, it is worthy of our effort to share information to discuss what must be done to try to greatly decrease the amount of childhood drowning and near drownings that occur throughout Phoenix, Arizona and Tucson, Arizona and throughout the entire state.

According to this article, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children learn how to swim beginning at 4 years of age. However, there is also information that suggests that children as young as 6 months old may be able to be taught to swim at least to the extent that they could survive if they ever fell into a pool. Now, as personal injury lawyers in Phoenix, we are not in a position to take sides on this debate. However, we can share our thoughts regarding the entire process and the importance of teaching children how to swim.

The sooner a child knows how to swim, the sooner they are safe around water. So much of the focus when it comes to childhood drownings in Arizona rests on the failure to have a proper self-closing and self-latching pool gate, the failure to properly watch and protect children around water, and other matters that are almost secondary. Do not misunderstand our point. It is absolutely vital to keep children safe around water.

We have seen far too many cases where caregivers, babysitters, grandparents, and others that do not live in the home took their eyes off a child and forgot about the dangers of that pool in the backyard. To a person who cannot swim, and in particular to a child who cannot swim, that is not a beautiful pool in the backyard. Instead, it is a hole filled with poison. Because, just like poison, as soon as a child comes in contact with that water unless the child is immediately pulled out, a child who cannot swim is likely to die in that pool. Too often people forget about this. Therefore, the best and first step particularly for somebody who has a backyard pool or even a neighbor with a backyard pool is to teach the child to swim as soon as you believe it is appropriate to do so.

Some may question why personal injury lawyers in Arizona even discuss or share information regarding drowning. First and foremost, anything that can be done to decrease the number of children’s injuries in Arizona must be done by anybody. Also, as personal injury lawyers, we understand that lawsuits often are brought on behalf of a grieving family who has a seriously injured child or, even worse, a child who has died as a result of the negligence of a babysitter or somebody else. Very often, lawsuits can be brought and monies can be obtained to help the families pay for the medical bills and to try to deal with this horrendous tragedy. However, lawsuits against people as a result of childhood drowning are nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to the possibility of preventing these incidents.

Nobody is perfect. There is probably no way to eliminate the possibility of childhood drownings. People can be far too judgmental and assume that every one of these incidents must result in blame against somebody, and we know that is not true. However, we also know that Phoenix personal injury lawsuits do save lives by deterring others from making the same mistake. We also know that families sometimes are in desperate need of the money from a lawsuit to help them through their struggle and to help them cope with the bills and other things that arise after such tragedy.

We hope nobody is ever again involved in these situations. However, we are always here to answer questions following childhood drowning or other tragedies of wrongful death in Arizona when they strike. We are here not just to file a lawsuit and “go get them” no matter what the situation. Instead, we are here to give honest opinions and real answers to questions so that a family that is grieving can make the best possible decision as to how they should best pursue a matter. There are many times after a terrible tragedy, particularly one involving a child that it may not be in the best interest of all involved even if they have a great chance of success in the lawsuit. Sometimes, lawsuits do not make the most sense for the individuals involved. Sometimes, a lawsuit can just force the people involved to live the tragedy over and over again. However, people need answers. People need to know because there are times where the compensation received from bringing a lawsuit can be vital on a number of different levels.

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