The Cost of an Arizona Personal Injury and Insurance Claim Lawyer

Arizona Injury and Insurance Claim Lawyer Discusses “How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer after an Accident?”

We receive calls on a regular basis from people who have suffered personal tragedy following an auto accident in Phoenix and in other cities in Arizona. When an auto accident occurs, many people do not realize the long-reaching effects it has on the people involved. To begin with, following a serious injury, the person who was hurt is unable to work. On top of that, the person is unable to usually just participate in the normal activities of daily living. When someone is badly hurt they cannot just get up and take a shower. They cannot just get up and go drive their car. In fact, while they’re dealing with everything else, their car is in another location being taken care of by a person that they do not even know. In other words, every facet of somebody’s life is affected after a serious injury.

When somebody has a family member who’s involved in a serious vehicle accident in Arizona, they also have to deal with a complete change in almost every aspect of their life. If your spouse cannot work, imagine how that affects you not just in lost money, but in your role within the family. When a parent has been injured, how much effect does that have on the children? The reality is that from the time the day begins until the time it ends, a serious injury will affect the person involved and that family for as long as the rehabilitation process takes.

Amidst everything else they are dealing with in terms of the inability to pay for their mortgage, the inability to pay the medical bills, the inability to function and go through their normal daily activities, like getting kids off to school and so forth; families who have suffered from a serious auto accident need answers. Usually, the best step is to talk with a lawyer. While I do not believe a personal injury lawyer is the best answer to every situation following an auto accident, I do strongly believe that talking to an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer is a good first step. It is not about whether or not a claim needs to be brought; instead, it’s about finding out what your options are.

I believe far too many people think they do not want to hire a lawyer and by the time they realize that they do need one, it is too late. There is simply no disadvantage to sitting down with an honest lawyer to get real answers. However, people are afraid of the cost of hiring a lawyer. People are concerned that with the amount of money they’ve lost, they won’t be able to afford a skilled Phoenix car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney to help them.

That is why we have a longstanding policy at Breyer Law Offices. No client has ever paid us a single dollar out of their own pocket. Though we have cases where we spend tens of thousands of dollars or more on after an automobile accident, we have never received a single penny in reimbursement, nor have we sought it from any client unless we were first able to win their case. The time we spend, the money we spend, the effort we put in, is the risk we take on the cases we choose to accept to help people. That way, our clients can rest assured that they have the representation they need without having to worry about paying money out of their pocket.

People can know that they have experienced personal injury lawyers, a certified specialist by the State Bar of Arizona – a distinction held by less than 2 percent of all Arizona lawyers that are licensed to practice law – and that they will never have to pay money that they simply don’t have. They can count on full and complete representation of their needs and know that the only time they would ever have to pay anything to a lawyer, is if that lawyer first achieves success.

If you or anybody you know has the need for a personal injury lawyer but you do not know where to start, please feel free to give us a call at Breyer Law Offices. While we cannot assure you that you will have a case, and we certainly cannot assure that it is a case we would take, we can promise honest answers and we can promise that there is no risk to the family that has already suffered loss. We can promise that the only way we will ever get paid is if we first receive compensation for the clients who trusted us to begin with.

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