The Importance of Bus Safety Legislation

Far too many people do not consider the possible injuries that can be suffered when a bus is involved in an accident. Most people think of bus accidents in Arizona as only unsafe for the vehicles that are hit. The truth is, personal and injury bus accident claims are brought throughout the country and throughout Arizona every year.

According to a recent article in regards to bus safety, federal laws requiring seat belts and stronger windows on motor coaches – or even an Arizona law that might do the same thing were it not overridden by federal laws – could be a great step to preventing serious personal injuries in bus accidents. As safety activist Mr. Betts said, “There is no need for people to keep dying in these motor coach rollovers.” And we agree. Wouldn’t it be great if that was no longer the case and we could eliminate the likelihood injuries occurring to passengers in bus accidents?

As Arizona personal injury and bus accident lawyers, we know far too well the dangers associated with bus accidents. We applaud the efforts of those who are trying to reduce the amount of personal injury claims that arise out of bus accidents. We applaud them because they are not trying to strip accident victims of their right to compensation; instead, they are trying to prevent the injury which is far more important than anything else.

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