Understanding Arizona Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Insurance Claims

Even the Best Phoenix Wrongful Death Lawyers Face Challenges in the Pursuit of Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Insurance Claims

As you may imagine, as an Arizona certified specialist in wrongful death and injury litigation, I have strong opinions regarding the way that wrongful death claims are processed in Arizona. We receive phone calls on a regular basis from families who have suffered unspeakable tragedy and loss, people who have had to deal with the fact that they will never see their spouse, their parent, or even their child ever again. Almost every personal injury claim results from something that was completely unexpected. At least with many serious personal injury claims, there is the opportunity to recover from the injuries – even if not fully – and attempt to move on with life. However, when a wrongful death occurs, when someone is killed because of an auto accident or another person’s negligence in any way – there is a different kind of loss experienced. There is a different level of tragedy.

We often say to our clients that we know full well that we cannot fully understand their pain. In fact, I am a big believer in the fact that there is far too often a decision made by personal injury lawyers to simply tell people what they think people want to hear. We will not do that. The reality is that an experienced personal injury lawyer in Arizona can do a lot more than bring a personal injury claim. In fact, the best personal injury lawyers will be honest and upfront about the claim with somebody before they even consider the first step.

I supposed it is true that anytime there is money involved, there is always the risk that people will act in their own self-interest. However, families who have suffered this unspeakable loss need a honest assessment of their claim from a lawyer who has the experience and understanding of this process and has brought wrongful death lawsuits. How much time is the claim going to take? How long will the initial investigation of a wrongful death case take? What would happen to any money that was recovered in a wrongful death insurance claim or lawsuit? Who receives the money after money is paid out – the parents, the children, the spouse, grandparents, aunts or uncles? Can different people who have suffered a wrongful death hire different lawyers such as a divorced couple who have both lost a child? Is it in the best interest of those involved to bring a lawsuit even if compensation is likely?

Now, the answers to some of these questions are always the same. Aunts and Uncles are not allowed to bring lawsuits of wrongful death in Phoenix. People who have lost their boyfriend or girlfriend are not allowed under Arizona law to bring wrongful death lawsuits. However, the amount of time it will take varies from person to person. Most importantly, whether it is in the best interest of somebody to bring a lawsuit has to account for factors that are legal and those that are not. It will take a good personal injury lawyer the time to do a full investigation and give a final answer as to whether or not there is even a strong wrongful death claim to pursue. However, there are times where a lawsuit can be brought but it may not be in the best interest of those who have already suffered loss. That is really a person by person analysis. It will vary and it takes experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyers who will give honest advice to people so that they can make the best decision for themselves.

There are many wrongful death lawsuits that can provide some measure of justice to the people who have suffered so greatly. There are many Arizona wrongful death lawsuits that, while they cannot undo the tragedy that was done, can provide a real benefit to those that are left behind. In fact, some of these lawsuits are absolutely vital and necessary to those that are left behind. Many wrongful death lawsuits probably prevent future accidents and future tragedies because of the deterrence that they provide by punishing those who cause the tragedy in the first place.

For anybody who is simply looking for somebody to tell them that they have a “great case” and they should bring their wrongful death claim immediately without first considering the benefits and burdens, there are undoubtedly thousands of people who will tell them what they want to hear. However, for people who are looking for experienced Arizona personal injury lawyers that have dealt with wrongful death cases and they know both the benefits that they provide as well as some of the drawbacks that need to be considered, we are happy to give an honest and complete assessment of your claim.

We do not charge anything to any of our clients. Not a single client has paid us a single dollar out of their own pocket from the day we started our law firm. We are compensated when we are able to achieve some measure of justice and victory on behalf of our clients and only then. We do not ask for reimbursement for the costs that we spend. We do not ask for upfront fees to sit down with us. We are compensated when we are able to get fair compensation to our clients.

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