Arizona ATV Accident Brings Up Insurance Claim Issues

People are just too quick to judge. Riding in an ATV can be done legally and safely. However, all risks cannot be eliminated. As this article demonstrates, somebody on an ATV can risk suffering very serious injury or even death. This is a very sad article that shows the dangers of children who ride on ATVs.

However, when someone thinks of a child being killed on an ATV, the first reaction far too many people is to blame the parents. Or, in blaming nobody, to assume that this is just a risk that was taken. However, many times there was negligence by somebody else. Many times, this tragedy did not have to occur.

We are not suggesting that an Arizona wrongful death claim should be brought every time a child is killed in an accident. We are suggesting, however, that it is beneficial to get answers to these questions and find out what remedies are available that may deter other people from being negligent in certain situations that lead to the death of others. There is nothing wrong with making the decision not to pursue a wrongful death claim.

In many cases, even when there would be a very strong claim on behalf of the person who brought it for wrongful death – it should not be brought. It has to be the right thing for the family involved. Making no comment whatsoever on this particular accident, we do strongly believe that those who have suffered tragedy should at least gather the information by talking to an experienced Phoenix wrongful death lawyer in Arizona who is a good fit for them, their family, and their case so that they can make an educated decision about whether to pursue the case further.

At Breyer Law Offices, P.C., we have been helping families with wrongful death claims and personal injury accidents for over a decade. Whether you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an ATV accident, or an auto accident, we can answer your questions and provide quality legal counsel, and if it is necessary, represent you in court. Call 602-978-6400 today to speak with a skilled Phoenix personal injury attorney.

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