Arizona Bus Accidents Could Be Prevented With Seat Belt Installation

We cannot let the bus industry change the debate. Analyzing the website of one bus industry association, it is clear that they support bus safety in a way that suits their goals. But too many people suffer injuries in bus accidents in Arizona for bus safety to be about framing a question.

We commonly see preventable injuries because negligent bus drivers fall asleep at the wheel, were not physically able to drive, or drove carelessly. So the question of whether seatbelts should be installed in buses ought to be answered with a direct yes or no question.

However, the bus industry clearly wants to avoid a direct referendum. Why? Seatbelts are proven to save lives. Riders would be less likely to suffer serious injuries due to bus driver and busing company neglect if seatbelts are installed and it’s true that installing seatbelts will cost money, but isn’t that worth the lives it may save?

There’s not necessarily a clear answer. But what is clear is that installing seatbelts in buses is a good idea. There would be fewer Arizona personal injury claims related to busing negligence if we had seatbelts.

Undoubtedly top personal injury lawyers in Arizona would not have to help as many families who have been devastated from Phoenix bus accidents if seatbelts were installed.

Let the busing industry show that this isn’t true. No matter how we frame the debate, it deserves lucid discussion.

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