Arizona Drunk Drivers Should Be Held Accountable In Court

Drunk driving accidents are increasing in Arizona. People who drink and drive do not care when they get behind the wheel that they are putting at risk the health and safety of innocent individuals. Almost always, a person who decides to get behind the wheel after they have been drink and driving is acting very selfishly, and this behavior needs to be eliminated. One drunk driver in Arizona recently got behind the wheel after drinking and driving and caused a serious accident hurting 5 innocent people. Many times those who drink and drive cause serious automobile accidents or death to innocent people.

Criminal Courts handle many cases to punish drunk drivers, however the criminal courts are overloaded and they cannot help victims of drunk drivers who have suffered serious injury receive monetary awards for all of the pain and suffering sustained by such an injury. Trial lawyers in Arizona need to make a statement that drunk driving will not be tolerated. The public needs to know that if a person chooses to drink and drive that personal injury lawyers in Arizona will pursue civil cases against these drivers. In some instances, although as personal injury attorneys we cannot bring back a loved one who has been killed by a reckless driver, we can work to make sure that the family members are taken care of financially. With the help of the Courts putting the drunk drivers in prison, it is hopeful that at the end of the civil case the family members feel some level of justice. Criminal courts focus on punishing the drunk driver by putting them in jail or giving some other punishments, personal injury lawyers focus on getting a monetary settlement for the family members or injured victim. Our criminal courts can only get limited restitution when an individual has been hit by a drunk driver. On the other hand, a personal injury lawyer in Arizona can help the victim of a drunk driving accident recover for money, including lost wages, medical bills, loss of abilities to do the normal life’s activities, and loss of enjoyment of life. For wrongful death claims where it involves a drunk driver, as personal injury lawyers in Arizona, we also can request from the Judge that we be allowed to ask for punitive damages and that the drunk driver further be punished. With wrongful death claims, we make the claim on behalf of the family of the wrongful death victim or on behalf of the personal representative of the estate.

From handling many Arizona wrongful death claims and injury claims against drunk drivers, one of the questions that is difficult for many families is making the decision whether to bring a lawsuit or not. Many people in Arizona feel that bringing a lawsuit is not an acceptable way to recover damages. In fact, the law gives victims only one method to obtain a monetary settlement against an individual and that is to file a claim or file a lawsuit. When it comes to drunk drivers and similar, selfish behavior, we believe that people who drink and drive should be pursued not only in the Arizona criminal courts, but also by the injury victim and families of the lost loved ones. Personal injury lawyers can serve to hold drunk drivers accountable for their actions in a court of law. What is most important is that individuals make a decision in which they feel most comfortable. If you are wondering if you have a claim against a drunk driver or whether or not to pursue a claim, we are happy to go over the process of filing a claim against a drunk drier with you. In order to know whether you feel comfortable filing a claim, it is best that you have as much knowledge as possible. We can review your case with you and give you all the details, and you can make an informed decision. Our consultations are always complimentary and we are always ready and willing to help injury victims and families who have lost a loved one.

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