Arizona Slip and Fall Accidents: Owner of Property Is Not Always At Fault

One of the biggest misunderstandings of the law exists when it comes to people being hurt on somebody else’s property. Very often, people suffer serious injuries when they are out shopping because there is water on the ground, or the ground has gotten wet and slippery and nobody sees that it is slippery and they fall and get seriously hurt. Most people would agree that a slippery floor that is not marked in any way is an unreasonably dangerous condition. However, being injured due to an unreasonable dangerous condition on a store owner’s property does not mean that store is at fault. Arizona premises liability law requires that the person who was hurt be able to prove that the store “knew or should have known” of the unreasonably dangerous condition. If another customer spilled a bottle of water and ten seconds later somebody steps in that water, slips and falls, the store is almost never going to be found responsible. It is unlikely it’s going to be determined that that store knew or should have known that their floor was wet and reasonably could have prevented the fall if there was only a ten second delay. Therefore, finding the best possible <a

href=””>Arizona slip trip and fall lawyer can be vital for someone who’s been seriously injured. It is about getting a lawyer who understands all of the steps that must be taken to document the claim and see whether or not it can be proven that either an employee of the defendant created the condition or that the defendant knew or should have known that this dangerous condition existed. Video surveillance, sweep logs, interviewing of witnesses, and other methods can be used to help prove if the store or property owner was at fault.

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