Discount Accident Lawyer Agreements

We are not discount personal injury lawyers. We do not discount our fee in almost any case at the outset of the claim. For somebody who is looking for a discount lawyer, we encourage them to look around because it will not be hard to find one. However, people should understand why we refuse to discount our fee. We believe we provide the best possible service we can to our clients. We truly believe there is a “BREYER LAW DIFFERENCE” that we provide to our clients. With Mark Breyer as one of only about 200 lawyers in the entire State of Arizona (there are about 20,000 total) who has been certified by the State Bar of Arizona as a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death, we believe we have the reputation and accolades to back it up. The reality is that not all lawyers are the same. This is in no way an attack upon lawyers who choose to offer discounts, nor an attack on the people who chose to hire them. However, understand that this is not like buying a bar of soap. Everything is not equal. The settlements obtained are not equal. The jury verdicts obtained are not equal. If you are offered “discount heart surgery” or “greatly reduced brain surgery, 25 percent discount” would you go there? Of course not. You would question the doctor whose skills were such that they had to reduce their fee.

For anybody who would like to hire the Breyer Law Offices but they are concerned about the fee, which is the standard 33 percent fee that is charged by almost every lawyer, not a discount one – please feel free to give us a call. We believe that the difference between our firm and many others will become readily apparent. We believe that based upon our years of experience and the fact that, year after year, one of our biggest sources of new cases are current and former clients who repeatedly give out our name.

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