Speeding Kills Mesa Man

Many personal injury cases in Arizona occur when a driver speeds and causes an accident.

According to a recent report of a fatal truck accident in Mesa, Arizona, a driver traveling a high rate of speed was thrown so far he was not found for hours.

Nobody deserves to die because of excessive speed. However, there is a lesson in this and in many Arizona traffic accidents. Too many personal injury claims are filed due to a victim’s inability to work, pay bills, or go on with life. We’re amazed to see victims vilified for pursing fair compensation for injuries received in an accident. Too frequently, selfish people travel too fast; worried only about their next stop and not their safety or the safety of other drivers they share the road with.

Perhaps we should not be lecturing others. Perhaps the job of an Arizona injury attorney is only to help clients make insurance claims to receive money. Perhaps “pain and suffering” is just the punch line to a joke to some. If Arizona drivers would simply be more careful, far less suffering and far fewer lawsuits would arise.

We would be very happy to see the day where accidents and serious injuries no longer exist or require a skilled Arizona truck accident lawyer. We would be very happy to see far fewer families devastated because of unnecessary speeding by negligent drivers. Please, next time remember this terrible tragedy and slow down.

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