The Psychological Effects of Physical Injuries

How does one cope with severe emotional or psychological trauma after an auto accident in Arizona? Can claims be made for a person who also suffers psychological harm following serious bodily injury?

These claims are frequently considered unimportant. Even lawyers are quick to discount the impact that mental distress has on the lives of injury victims. This is not a case of whiplash in Phoenix or the barely hurt driver who reports depression as a result of inactivity. However, experienced personal injury lawyers in Arizona should not discount the emotional trauma of the incidents.

They should not overlook the importance to a jury that while physical injuries are clearly a priority after auto accidents in Arizona, traumatic injuries leave invisible scars, according to an article published by Mark D. Rusch, associate professor and rehabilitation psychologist at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Before criticizing, consider Rusch’s discussion of the emotional effects that nearly always follow physical injuries.

It takes a skilled advocate to prove an injury that is not easily displayed like a broken bone. There’s no X-ray for emotional trauma. So claimants who have suffered physical harm must ask important questions and make sure they have the right lawyer. Get the answers you need from an Arizona personal injury lawyer to help you obtain fair compensation for emotional losses, too.

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