Hoover Dam Bus Accident Victims’ Bodies Return Home

A new development was reported following an Arizona bus crash that killed Chinese tourists near Hoover Dam. The bodies of the six travelers involved are being sent back to China. In the same report, legal concerns were raised for families of victims seeking justice since it has been reported that the National Transportation Safety Board will not be issuing its findings in the case until 2010.

For a U.S. citizen, even someone a little familiar with the personal injury system, this delay may not signal anything significant. But families in China know little of American personal injury laws and legal claims. Thus they don’t know what they’re entitled to after a tragedy that was apparently preventable. This delay could ultimately cause them to miss important deadlines and bar them from bringing legal claims.

Learn your rights. Not every accident merits a lawsuit. Sometimes no good case can be established where one appears guaranteed. However, when this type of tragedy strikes everyone should contact an experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyer. Other jurisdictions may be a factor, but if the incident occurs in Arizona this is the most likely place to file.

At Breyer Law Offices, P.C, we believe strongly in getting victims the information they deserve. Many clients require translators to work with us. We make all necessary arrangements so a competent translator will assist throughout. We accommodate Spanish speakers easily. Clients come to us from diverse national backgrounds, and we don’t let this prevent us from helping them make the best legal decision.

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