Arizona Car Accident Tragically Kills Three Minors

Car accident lawyers in Arizona often assist families in the wake of terrible loss. But sometimes the loss is so great, even an experienced attorney is overwhelmed.

Tragedy struck a Las Vegas family on U.S. 93 near Wikieup, AZ. Two teens and a young boy were killed when their Ford Explorer collided with another vehicle, according to reports. Their SUV was driven by the mother of two of the victims.

As a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer, I cannot express how sad it is to see stories like this. Grieving families often ask how financial compensation can help after a tragedy so great. No amount of money can truly diminish this loss. Yet the loss would perhaps not have happened if not for the negligence of another. In fact, passengers are almost never to blame; fault nearly always rests with one (or more) of the drivers. We know money cannot lessen the pain of wrongful death. Still, survivors face expenses and an immeasurable void in their family forever.

In a fatal automobile accident in Arizona, skilled litigators frequently hire accident reconstruction experts to help determine fault. For a family seeking justice or reduction of financial strain, filing a claim provides relief. If the driver at fault was insured, the maximum allowed by the policy should be paid.

Tragedy strikes our Arizona roads so regularly that it is easy to forget the tremendous loss caused by car accidents. Our hearts truly go out to this family.

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