Arizona State Bar Certification Helps You Choose the Right Lawyer

How do you find a trustworthy, experienced lawyer? How does a car accident lawyer in Arizona in the phone book differ from the ones on TV? What about those who don’t advertise at all?

With so many personal injury lawyers in Arizona, it’s understandably difficult for victims of negligence to choose the right one. But it’s important to find a legal professional who is honest, straightforward, and will explain both the strengths and potential weaknesses in your case.

Lawyers must be licensed by the state bar to practice in Arizona. To help consumers choose, the State Bar of Arizona created a program to certify specialists in personal injury and wrongful death litigation — a distinction for lawyers who have the experience and knowledge to meet a higher standard.

Though less than two percent of lawyers in Arizona are certified specialists in wrongful death and personal injury, we proudly own this distinction at Breyer Law Offices. Many lawyers have not yet been certified. In fact, a certified specialist is not guaranteed to be the right fit for all clients. However, when clients come to us they know that we have a high level of experience, training, and trial success because we’ve earned this honor.

If you have questions, give us a call. We cannot promise that you have a claim before our free consultation with you. But we can promise you honest, specialized advice about any personal injury claim in the state of Arizona.

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