Arizona Vehicle Accidents Cause Rotator Cuff Injuries

Insurance companies often deny claims for rotator cuff injuries after automobile accidents in Arizona. They point to published reports to show that the primary cause of rotator cuff injury is repetitive use.

As personal injury lawyers in Arizona, we go beyond legal aspects to understand the medical aspects our clients confront. All skilled Arizona car accident attorneys see accidents where there is an outstretched hand or movement of the arm that causes a rotator cuff tear by injuring tendons. With specialized knowledge we can demonstrate the injury’s cause.

The same applies when an insurance company continues to deny the obvious. Information has been shown to juries to demonstrate that when a rotator cuff tear occurs in claimants under 60 years old, the injury is likely caused by trauma. In those cases, it becomes much easier to correlate the injury to the underlying accident.

It is not surprising to see claims denied for rotator cuff injuries. In fact, it is not uncommon to see any claim denied. It is the job of an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer to ensure fair compensation is awarded to the person who has a right to recover money damages for losses suffered as a result of somebody else’s negligence.

It is unfortunate that retaining a lawyer is necessary. However, in most situations, a rotator cuff tear is likely to be disputed. A personal injury lawyer has the only realistic shot at receiving full and fair compensation.

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