Chinese Tourists Killed, Injured in Hoover Dam Bus Crash

A National Transportation Safety Board report suggests the driver was at fault in a bus crash that claimed the lives of Chinese tourists near Hoover Dam. Initial briefings revealed that the driver was distracted by the door and the sun’s glare may have blinded him before losing control. Early investigations found no mechanical problems with the door or bus.

No lawsuit can alleviate the incredible grief these families are suffering. For tourists embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to end up suffering such a terrible calamity is devastating.

However, while U.S. residents are familiar with the expertise an experienced Phoenix auto accident attorney can provide to help a family recover lost income, it’s unlikely that the families from China are aware of their options. This case will probably not warrant punitive damages – although serious investigation is required to rule out foul play – we strongly believe that some lawsuits greatly increase general public safety.

If no lawsuit arises, what incentive does the bus company—and the travel industry nationwide– have to take additional precautions and prevent future incidents? Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes the threat of profit loss for a company to make reasonable steps to protect human life and avoid needless injuries.

If you or anybody you know has questions about an Arizona bus accident, please call us. Like most injury cases, an attorney from the state where the incident occurred (or where the defendant resides) should prosecute the case to hold guilty parties accountable for the destruction caused to innocent families.

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