Protect Children From Negligence; Camelback 2 Year Old Found In Swimming Pool

Arizona personal injury attorneys face more complicated matters than automobile accidents. Negligence takes many forms. Each of us must avoid reckless behavior that could injure others. Specifically, we must protect children from negligence.

Drowning, or near-drowning, in backyard pools occurs too often in Arizona. Not all such situations lead to criminal prosecution– there isn’t always a culprit when something goes wrong. But sometimes a babysitter gets distracted. Sometimes a neighbor is not paying attention, a broken playpen goes unrepaired, or a gate’s latch fails. In other words, sometimes the maker of the gate or the babysitter negligently endangers the child.

And thus reports like the recent case of a 2 year old rescued from a neighbor’s swimming pool near 35th Avenue in Camelback spark sympathy and outrage in all of us.

Most importantly, early reports indicate the child will likely recover.

But even if the child recuperates completely, steep medical bills still must be paid. If there was negligence on the neighbor’s part, homeowner’s insurance could help reduce the medical expenses so the family will not be forced into bankruptcy because of the Arizona child’s injury. Also, the child will be afforded the best medical care available.

First and foremost, we wish this child a full recovery. We hope future tragedies will be prevented because of this one. Secondly, we emphasize that in any such situation, a skilled Arizona child injury attorney can help the family avoid financial ruin by gaining compensation from the homeowner’s insurance of those at fault.

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