Government Releases Personal Injury Litigation Study

Skilled personal injury attorneys in Arizona know that the media does not portray the importance of personal injury claims fairly. This is not just opinion; it is reinforced by government studies.

According to a study in recent Justice Department research, over 60% of all jury verdicts result in awards of $50,000 or less to plaintiffs. Thus, in spite of talk about runaway juries and hitting the “legal lottery,” the truth is that juries are apparently rather conservative in the verdicts they render.

This study relates to personal injury cases as a whole, not a specific plaintiff’s case. Those who believe that juries always understand the effect injury has on the life of a plaintiff fail to recognize the function of a lawyer. Attorneys increase the chances of justice, and do so at their own peril. Not every injury case demands a lawyer, but every serious injury victim should consult with a lawyer who can explain the likelihood of getting a fair settlement from a jury. The belief that juries just give away money is refuted by the experience of almost all top personal injury lawyers. And it has been proven false by a nationwide study of jury verdicts.

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