Most Common Cause of Head Trauma Leading to Vision Loss: Car Accident

According to a report, car accident injuries are the most common cause of head trauma leading to vision loss in this country. More than a million Americans experience vision problems following a head injury. How can one who has suffered vision loss expect to win justice?

Because we do not regard vision loss as a common result from a traumatic head injury in Arizona, anyone who is sued because of purported vision loss after a crash will be skeptical. Even when vision loss was suffered as a result of a head injury in a Phoenix car crash, an insurance company could deny the claim hoping that a jury will be unconvinced.

But Arizona law does not only compensate people who suffer “expected” injuries. Arizona law allows compensation for all claims, according to The Master Guide to Handling Injury Cases in Arizona. In fact, Arizona uses what is known as the eggshell skull rule. This means that if a victim had a predisposition to a particular health problem, such as hemophilia, and they are involved in an accident that complicates the problem, the negligent party is responsible for the harm caused.

If the carelessness of one driver in Arizona causes injury to another, the negligent driver is liable. Often, insurance companies try to avoid liability. It takes an experienced lawyer to manage all aspects of personal injury claims in Arizona and present the best opportunity for full and fair compensation for all injuries, not just “typical” ones.

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