Hit and Run Bicycle Accident Raises Many Concerns

The recent report of a terrible hit and run bicycle accident in Ottawa raises many concerns. First and foremost, our thoughts go to the health of the victims. As internationally known Ottawa plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth mentioned in her recent blog, even Lance Armstrong chimed in with words of encouragement. As any top Ottawa personal injury lawyer would know, the people and families who suffered from the negligence of the hit-and-run van driver will likely need legal help in the near future.

With so many victims on such a high profile incident, getting just any lawyer will not be worthwhile. I strongly encourage people who are involved in hit-and-run accidents anywhere in the country to find the best bicycle accident injury lawyer they can find. Settling for a “friend of a friend” simply will not do.

In Ottawa, I expect the first calls from these families in need will go to Brenda Hollingsworth. Around Canada and the United States, families should take the time to speak with lawyers who understand the complexities of the legal situations facing the victims during such a difficult time.

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